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CS 1: Homework 4 – Proportable – due before November 8

See the PDF. Eventually, you’ll need to Team / Pull… from the template repository to get the SpecChecker, which is almost finished.

CS 1: Homework 3 – Trutilities – due before October 20

See the PDF. You’ll need to Team / Pull… from the template repository to get the SpecChecker.

CS 1: Homework 0 – Part 2

In part 1, you created your homework repository on Bitbucket, cloned it on your local machine, and pushed local changes back up to Bitbucket. In this installment, you will learn to synchronize in the other direction—you will pull changes down from Bitbucket to your local repository. Pulling Suppose you’re home for the weekend, and you […]

CS 1: Homework 0 – Part 1

Follow these steps to create your class homework repository and get homework 0 up and running. 1. Create a Bitbucket account In this class, all your code will be stored with the Bitbucket webservice. Using this third-party service has some nice benefits: Bitbucket maintains a complete history of your source code using some software called […]

CS 318 Project – Final Presentation – due on May 18

Your final in this course is to finalize your project, reflect on it, and present a demonstration of your work during the final exam period. Task 1: Finalize Copy your prototype2 folder to a folder named final in your GitHub project. Make any changes based on the second round of peer reviews. Present this final […]

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