Quizzer (hw1)

               A super simple five question Quiz app. Only two classe were necessary, the QuestionDatabase class and the QuizzerActivity class. All scoring and display programming was done in the Activity class onCreate initialized the questions and score, and requested the GUI to display the first question updateScore figured out which radioButton was checked from the […]

CS 491 Assignment 1 – Post mortem

So, the flashcard app – a simple idea that, in some areas, proved to be fairly challenging. My flashcard app generates random math problems. The user can customize the range of the randomly generated numbers along with which math operations are used, and how many total problems are in the set. The UI is fairly […]

Homework 1– stackhcj

I chose to make a vocabulary application. This application has 10 random words stored and it gives you their definition. Your job is to choose which definition is the correct one.   If you decide that you do not want to guess the current word definition, you may skip on to the next definition by pressing […]

Homework 1 – FiftyStates with MapView

FiftyStates is a simple quiz application that asks “What’s the capital of ______?” again and again, in multiple-choice format. Users can change the number of questions in each round and toggle sound effects on and off via a PreferenceActivity. Additionally, users can view a “hint” map during play, and a “study” map after a round […]

Homework 1 – feltonj

Never again buy flash cards! FeltonFlash, brought to you by yours truly James Felton, allow you to create your own piles of flash-cards and it carry them with you right in your pocket! This is the main activity of the application. It displays the name of the pile (top left) the title of the flash […]

Homework 1 – 8BitKnowledge

My android flashcard application is a quiz of one’s knowledge of classic video game clips. The app is pretty straightforward. I created a class (Audio Container) that holds, randomizes, and serves all of the audio clips to the main activity. The main activity holds the overall game logic, comparisons between a user’s entered text, as […]

Homework 1 – thompbla

The app I created is a flashcard app, especially useful for parents wanting to help younger users.   The app does not currently have a response system. The user is allowed to edit both questions and answers as of now for an easy use flashcard app. It would be simple to allow only editing of answers and […]

Homework 1 – wettstaj

WHO’S THAT POKEMON? That’s right boys and girl, the moment has finally come. Finally an app that lets you guess and memorize all the names of your favorite pokemon. Actually, its not that great yet. But for what it is i think it works pretty slick and simple and if off to a good start. […]

homework1- wirthaw

My android app was inspired by the greatest football team ever. I decided to make a green bay packers trivia app. For now the app only has 5 programmed questions but more questions could easily be added. The game play is a question is asked, the player selects their answer and the program determines whether […]


For this homework assignment I chose to write a set of flashcards called mathcards. These cards quiz the user on various number problems. There are the five minimum questions, along with a view to allow the user to add their own questions and answers. After the user goes though the answers they are brought to a […]

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