CS 145 Lab 5

Reminder Submit your already completed checkpoints from lab 4 in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Lab will not be held on October 12 to give you time to study and because your instructor is out of town. Submit any unfinished checkpoints from lab 5 on October 19. Hurdles When you’re first learning to […]

Homework 1 – Raptor Quest

For this homework assignment I decide to write my own Choose Your Own Adventure story called “Raptor Quest” where you are trying to avoid dying during a raptor attack. There are way more then the minimum 5 ‘Questions’ required if you follow all the different paths the story can take. I encourage you to play it multiple times […]

Homework 1 -mQuiz

I decided to make a basic quiz application, but more of a “fill in the blank” music lyrics quiz.  In its current state it immediately lets you know that your answer is incorrect and has you try it again until you get it correct, however it also keeps track of the amount of times you […]

Homework 1 – xiongchu

My flashmob application asks the user a set of questions and stores their answers. I implemented a back button, which allow the user to return to previous questions and edit the user’s input. I also created a save button that will save the inputs to that specific question. I created a menu with menu items […]

Java Flash Cards Assignment 1

This is a basic flash card app.  A statement about java is displayed with true and false buttons below.  There is a set of 10 questions that loop continuously as if you were studying flash cards and want to keep going through them all.  The user selects true or false and pop up message is […]

CS 145 Lecture 7

Topics Covered what does this do? generating a random spelunking workout for loop = while loop, but more compact sum numbers 1 to n an acrostic editor mouse trails What does this do? public static String ?(??) { return text + ” :)”; } public static ? ??(String text) { return text.length() == 0; } […]

Generalized IQ Test

I decided to design my program to ask five questions that any person would be expected to know the answer to, and allow them to enter their answers to be used to make a judgement about their intelligence.     My program has the five standard questions to be used to judge someones intelligence. Questions are […]

Homework1 – Quizzle

Overview: After bouncing around a few ideas, I finally settled on a simple quiz application in a bit of a “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” format (1 question, 4 answers).                            Right now I have 10 default questions loaded in the game.  A user can either cycle through the questions and answer specific […]

CS 491 Lecture 8 – Rattler

Agenda Start an application for composing ringtones Write a ListActivity Get a taste of Android’s SQLite API Share data globally throughout an application Insert and select from a database RTTTL Nokia put together a specification for a mini-language for encoding ringtones. It’s called RTTTL. The language is fairly straightforward. You’ve got three parts separated by […]

Assignment 1 Post Mortem

So for this assignment I took the dichotomous key idea Dr Johnson suggested in the write-up, and thought I’d make a flowchart. Actually I thought I’d make a very specific flowchart, that being the Tech Support Cheat Sheet from xkcd.com by Randall Munroe. For the layout of the flowchart I needed a text view and […]