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SpecCheck talk at ITiCSE 2012

This is the draft of a presentation I’m preparing to give on some of my work. This text is meant to accompany my slides. Premise This work is rooted on a single premise: grading code for two hundred first-year computer science students is painful. It’s painful for two reasons. First, two hundred of anything is […]

Custom Activity in Unity

Goal: I want to trigger Android activity-level code in my Unity 3D application. Here’s a minimal example of doing so: Create a new Android project in Eclipse. We won’t be using many of the ADT plugin features. We mostly leverage the compiler and editor. Override UnityPlayerActivity with a custom activity: Add C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\androidplayer\bin\classes.jar to the […]

CS 145 Final Exam

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Capturing snapshots of a text file in Vim

To make a movie of textual development, I need a way to capture edits to a text file. Capturing needs to be done automatically and transparently; the developer shouldn’t have to trigger them. Otherwise, he’d forget. My initial thoughts were to intercept every keystroke and record the changes elsewhere on disk. I didn’t really like […]

Making a jQuery slider do something

Getting a slider to display was the first step. The end goal is to make the slider scrub through a series of snapshots of a text file. In between, let’s just figure out how to map the tick to a timestep. jQuery sliders are discrete; they can only be scrubbed to integral positions. Since the […]

Loading a remote file in JavaScript

Next up on my list of things I don’t know how to do is load a file in JavaScript. For now, let’s assume the file is hosted on the same server as the script. I understand that reading local files requires HTML5 and reading files from other servers can be troublesome. jQuery has several ways […]

Adding a slider into WordPress

How can I get a slider in HTML? Actually, how can I get a slider in WordPress, which is slightly harder? jQuery UI provides a slider, but the jQuery that ships with WordPress was not appearing for me. I tried using the jQuery provided by Google’s CDN instead: There are probably later versions I could […]