CS 491 Homework: Mobile Web

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Goldenrod crab spider

I think I’d read in the book Made By Hand by Mark Frauenfelder about a gentleman who said the minute you drive off your farm, the rest of the day is shot. I agree. We’ve been trying to stick around the acreage on Saturday mornings and enjoying the land that we have. We don’t want to […]

American Pelecinid wasp

Shortly after we moved in to our home, we had a long-tailed flying insect land on our screen door. I thought to myself, “We just moved to this place. Let’s get to know our neighbors.” So, I snapped its picture and went looking to see what it was: It turns out our neighbor is an […]

Gathering hardware

Our Raspberry Pi boards don’t do anything yet. We need some accessories. This afternoon, Peter taught me everything he knows about hardware, and we ordered these things to build our bramble: CyberPower CP-H720P High-speed Hub. We wanted something like this to provide a central power source that can plug into a standard outlet. Seven boards […]

CS 491 Homework: Nogramming

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CS 491 Homework: Web APIs

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The Walt I never knew

I’ve just finished reading The Illusion of Life, by Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. As a child, I never bought in to Disney’s magic kingdom—it was too popular for my countercultural leanings. I’m learning that I missed out on a lot. As I got to know the man Walt Disney through this book, I’ve found […]

CS 491 Homework: Persist

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A logarithmic data usage graph?

Getting a new phone last week meant getting a capped data plan. That made me a Paranoid Android user. Luckily, I saw that there was data usage graph available under Settings: Unluckily, someone thought a logarithmic scale would be effective here. To match, I think I’ll have to make my data usage exponential as the […]

CS 491 Homework: U and I

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