HNRS 304.503 Lecture 8 – Moving and colliding

Agenda Discussion A prototype for Astefreuds Collision detection Haiku  

CS 491 Lecture 7 – Preferences

Before class A Before next class: Watch Read Feel free to skip Using Preference Fragments, Using Preference Headers, and Building a Custom Preference. B Before next class: Watch Read sections Storage Options and Using Shared Preferences in In class Continue with the gallery viewer from Tuesday. Ask questions! Add a CheckBoxPreference to your app […]

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 7 – Hello, Graphics

Agenda discussion some graphics background Links Subdividing sphere Halloween costume A real Link Subway cheese placement strategy TODO Read chapter 8. Bring a quarter sheet! Haiku No haiku.

Pre-Meeting Notes 9/25/12

Hello Team, just wanted to send a quick update before the meeting tomorrow. So…Heather and I met this evening to work on finishing our story board that we worked on this past week. However, Heather met with Dr. Heopner this morning and they decided the application should be less “linear,” or really less like Facebook’s […]

CS 491 Lecture 6 – ListView and Adapters

Before class A Before our next class: Watch Read sections 1 and 3 of (Your partner’s working on 2.) Here’s a brief outline of the video’s contents: A need for series data widgets Several: ListView, GridView, Spinner Create a String array TextToSpeech onItemClick to speak onLongItemClick to delete addHeaderView creating a TextView programmatically B Before […]

The Creator

In Progress Video

Our group name is In Progress. Enjoy. [youtube]

DCRMA Video   Honestly, it could have been better but our plot creation process wasn’t perfected at the time!


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