Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat game for Michael and Hannah.

FourLords Part I

At last week’s Buster meeting, we decided to implement a multi-pilayer version of Warlords, an Atari game that formed my young mind. I’m going to call it FourLords, because really the game doesn’t involve armies or anything on a war-scale. Plus, I want to stress the multiple Pis, multiple players aspect of the game. I […]

Cody and Michael’s Breakout Game

Cody and I created a version of Breakout from Unity. We hope you enjoy it!

Adam King: NoGramming

I was beaten to the punch!  I’ve been documenting some observations as well as my woes and frustrations in programming for Android (such as my ongoing struggles with Eclipse demanding @targetAPI in odd places like a toString method) in haiku format.  Hopefully a couple of them will be found decent.  A few of them may […]

Web API :: Travis Boettcher

For my web API project I wanted to use Wolfram|Alpha’s extensive knowledge base to create some sort of useful app.  As I was perusing what the API could do, I came across a morse code encoder function and I knew I needed to go no further. My application allows the user to enter a word or words […]

Persist – Morrissp

The purpose of this app is to be a workout log. The app makes a “workout” with a description, length of the workout,average heart rate, and the date of when the workout was created, then submits it to a local database.  It uses separate activities for displaying workouts and submitting one. The app can be improved by using […]

Mercurial HOWTOs

I’m starting to use Mercurial on Bitbucket to manage shared projects, and I’m recording the problems I run into and their solutions. Problem: hg commit yields “no username supplied” Mercurial apparently doesn’t record which user checked out the repository in the metadata. (I’d love to know why.) I fixed this by creating an .hgrc file […]

Persist :: Chris Sippel

I chose to build off my U and I assignment, by adding database functionality to the Starting Strength app. The app now has the ability to store the entire current session of data (weight, names and numeric values) and retrieve them for later viewing. The App will automatically save anything that has been typed into […]

U and I: Jack Ferris

The application I created creates random addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems based off the user’s choice.  The application tells you if you were correct or incorrect with your answer and proceeds to the next problem.  The widgets I used were textview, edittext, button, spinner, and checkbox.  The application also has support for Spanish.  The […]

HNRS 304.503 Lecture ? – Sprite animation

Agenda Sprite animation rendering renderer.material.mainTextureOffset fleshing out our frame-picking algorithm iterating through a cycle Modeling a coin our goal today: a teaser hello, Blender approximating with a cylinder sculpting an emblem subdividing with extrusion rounding off edges with a subdivision surface modifier sharpening edges back up with a loop cut incorporating into Unity adding a […]

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