Nogramming: Jack Ferris

For this assignment, I thought it would be interesting to go through the history of my cell phones (7 of them) from the very first one I received to my current one.  Cell phones have seen dramatic changes and improvements in our lifetime and I thought it would be cool to look at the ones […]

UandI: Landon Burlingham

For my UandI app I created something where you could add your video game collection to a list. As you added them the list would update and show you your entire collection. You could choose a category, console and enter the name of the game and the name would appear in the list. Some of […]

U and I – Joe Simon

For my U and I project i decided to make a tip calculator app. The widgets I used are text views, spinners, a rating bar, an edit text, and buttons. To get started you select the amount of people you want to split the bill with, then select the percentage for the tip, and then […]

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 17 – Escaping from the island, keeping things visible, sound effects

Agenda asdf Player with jump control We want to be able to turn our player’s jump ability on and off. That can be done through the First Person Controller’s Character Motor script component. Let’s simplify the process a bit with our own PlayerController component that wraps around the relevant operations: Meet boat We want a […]

U and I :: Matthew Mitchell

For my U and I project I made an RGB color picker. I actually needed one of these for some web UI work I was doing, so it’s pretty cool that I was able to make one to my specifications. A few features of the app: There are 3 color sliders: R, G, and B. […]

Bobble Blender

I modeled my Bobble bottle! I used subsurfs extensively as well as loop cuts to get exactly the shape I needed. If I were to revisit this in the future, I’d add some transparent material to it, and model the filter inside of it so that it could be seen.  

Dave Moss: Persist

For this app I decided to make an app for keeping track of bank accounts.  The app allows you to add/delete accounts that you have and add transactions to those accounts or delete them.  The app updates the balance of each account based on the type of transactions they add to each account, and the […]

CS 491 Lecture 18 – Cordova

Before class A Before next class: Watch Read B Before next class: Watch Read In class Create a Cordova plugin that plays the RTTTL file. Your jQuery/jQuery Mobile-powered code can be dropped in assets/www in a Cordova project. A blank project named is available on the class folder on the W: drive. You can […]

Lab 4: Jason and Joel

Here is our lab 3 project, a mario-styled platformer. Have fun!    

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 16 – A boat, fixed coin spin-up, water, and a message box

Agenda Your models Character Controller Fixing animation from last time Span animation window across all actions Parent a model with an empty, position the empty Modeling a boat in 5 minutes Adding water Using GUI.Box for messages Themes Modeling a boat Make a long, thin rectangular prism. Select the top and bottom faces. Subdivide with […]