Blender – Volume Controller

My first attempt at modeling a logitech volume knob. It’s bad, I know. Will revise it in the future.

Blender – Q-Tip

                  A modest attempt at a simple cotton swab…

Head in the Clouds – Anna & John

(Lab 4 submission) Our game consists of a little cartoon head who must save his fellow comrades up in the sky. Coins can be collected for additional points. Game Link Use the space bar key to jump and arrow keys for movement. If you are having difficulties jumping, make sure your character has stopped moving […]

Blender – Pencil

CS 491 Lecture 17 – jQuery Mobile

Before class A Before next class: Watch Read B Before next class: Watch Read Read Read In class Our task this week is to write a web app ringtone melody generator. Today we will focus on the interface. Thursday we will look into playing back the ringtones. Read the RTTTL specification. Write […]

Blender Mouse

HNRS 304.503 Lab 5 – Terrestrial

It’s time to make a world you can walk through! Find two people, at least one of whom you haven’t worked with before and shake hands. One of the three you must have a computer that runs Unity. To get started, let’s explore some of the terrain tools that Unity offers us. Hello, Tools Make […]

Team RAD presents: Block Man

Lab 4 submission for David Spiegel, Ryan Pinter, and Adam Al-Ibrihim’s game   This is a game about blocks and a man. There are 16 levels of fun. Can you beat them all?       By the way… There is an explosively exciting block for those who stick to it.