Mediocre Squirrel Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, Squirrels of all ages: Come and enjoy the immensely frustrating and addicting MEDIOCRE SQUIRREL MAN!! Use your wit, timing, and non-rage-quitting attitudes to guide our hero through 5 awesomely challenging levels! But don’t take all day to do it, because your highscore ticks downwards every second you play the game! Fall out […]

Unscramble – Hannah & Corey

The goal of our game is to collect letters in the correct order to spell a specific word. The word is not known to the player until he or she correctly collects the letters. Collecting an incorrect letter results in all of your currently collected letters being put back to their original location.   We […]

Thesaurize (Web APIs) – Andy Hurd

Thesaurize uses the thesaurus api provided by to retrieve synonyms of a word the user enters in.  The retrieved JSON is split into synonyms based on language construct.  So, any word the user inputs may retrieve synonyms when the word is used as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.  Once retrieved, only matching language construct […]

Nogramming :: Matthew Mitchell

The Homogenization of Software in the Post-PC World by Matthew Mitchell This is not a research paper. This is not me going out and talking to a bunch of people and getting their opinions on things. This is a voicing of my own opinions, and I’ll weave in some of my sources of inspiration in […]

Web API :: Chris Sippel

Webapi – Chris Sippel The app I designed is recipe searcher which uses the recipe database and API. The app will return a list of at max 50 recipes and organize them into a listview. Clicking a result will take you to the webpage for that recipe. It allows you to change how the […]

Persist: Jack Ferris

The application I created is called Jack’s Restaurant.  My application manages a menu for a restaurant.  The main menu allows the user to view the full menu and query the menu.  There is also an option to log in as an admin with the password “admin.”  Logging in as an admin allows for extra options […]

NoGramming – Mehring

Ice Cream Sandwich VS Jelly Bean Everyone knows Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) was a big step in the right direction for the android mobile operating system.  Google has not begun developing and release the 4.x versions of Android. Update 4.1 is knows as Jelly Bean; while 4.2 does not have an official nickname yet.  […]

Lighthouse – Cody Kubicek

Featuring super old-school blender.  

Heart Hook Blender Model – Hannah

I modeled this heart-shaped hook. I didn’t have the hook with me when I actually made the model, so the shape and sizing is off a little bit, but the general shape is there!