OpenCV + Python

In order to build the display wall, potentially each Pi will need to be able to grab a frame from a video file and display a section of it. So the first step is grabbing and displaying one frame on one Pi. OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) has the capabilities to do this, but it doesn’t […]

U And I: Dave Moss Resub

I created a grocery list app, the purpose of which is to keep track of what you need to buy from the grocery store. A fairly interesting thing I learned was that to store a list in the SharedPreferences, you need to use a workaround since it cannot store straight up lists. to do this […]

Persist – Anders Peterson

So since it is football season and I am currently managing a fantasy football team I decided that I’d make an app that keeps track of my players. The database holds the name of the player, how many points they have scored so far this season, and how many games they have played. On the […]

NoGramming: Dan Zirnhelt

I made the first 5 and then I found the last one because everyone has to love a Nokia joke.

Sphero Final: Drive or Die (Adam King, Jack Ferris)

Overview For every second your Sphero isn’t driven at full speed, you’re causing it to die a little inside.  Yet your Sphero is fragile and it’s a dangerous world out there; objects are the bane of Sphero existence and colliding with anything at all eats away at your robot buddy’s lifespan.  With health bars on […]

CS 491 Final Project – Sphero

See the PDF.

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 15 – Modeling a coin

Agenda Curiosity? (another project by Peter Molyneux) Valve handbook discussion UV mapping a golden coin sculpting a golden coin animating a golden coin TODO Find an object. Model it in Blender. Post a screenshot. Haiku

TODO – Joe Simon

1. A GitHub app that lets you browse through all of the repositories on the site. It would also allow you to save repos to be viewed later. 2. An SSH terminal app that allows to connect and issue commands to your server. It would have the same look and feel of terminals that you […]