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Generating utterance WAVs

I’m going to ask my students to write some C code to create an audio pronunciation of a number. For instance, 137 is pronounced “one hundred thirty-seven.” As input, I will give them WAV files containing the separated pronunciations of all the number words that are needed. They’ll need to read these files in, concatenate […]

Sphero Final Project: Matthew and Landon

So what we initially wanted to do was to make an augmented reality Sphero environment where you can actually see the path your Sphero had taken using the camera on you phone but as we researched and started learning more about Sphero we found out that that was pretty much impossible. What we did instead […]

SpheroDraw – Luke Mehring, Andy Hurd, Travis Boettcher

Group: Andy Hurd, Travis Boettcher, Luke Mehring   For our final we created a Sphero app the allows the user to draw a shape/design on the screen and the Sphero will move on the ground in the pattern the user drew.  We also added the functionality to save a pattern you drew on the screen.  Once the […]

Base 3 Productions: The Realm

Real-time-strategy is about to get a whole lot more real. “The Realm: Conquerors of Kalengard” is a game about power, control, and strategy. The game consists of two phases: Build and Combat. The game begins with 3 minutes of build-time. During this time, each player is given a plot of land on the grid-spaced map […]

Bocce Sphero – petersat, morrissp, zirnhedj

For our final Sphero project we decided to make an app to play Bocce Ball with your friends and their Spheros. In creating this app we decided to use a finger swipe to move the Sphero to it’s intended location.  We calculated finger touch down and up locations as well as the time between these […]

Sphero- Adam King and Jack Ferris

Drive or Die provides the user with a simple interface, containing a joystick for controlling Sphero movement, a health bar to show health remaining, a timer to show number of seconds survived, and a score that (is supposed to) go up based on amount of time survived and amount of health remaining.  The more health, […]

Sphero Post Mortem – Joe Simon and David Moss

For our final project we created a golf game where the user creates a course and then swings their phone like a golf club to move Sphero to complete the course. At the end the users score is tallied and displayed.   To get the Sphero to move we use the the accelerometer in your […]

Literatti: The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design

The book I chose to read was called The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design. The authors are two long-time industry veterans who had been working in the game industry from before the PS1 era to the time of the books current publishing, just before the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3. […]

A texture renderer on the Raspberry Pi

A collaborator is working on using a cluster of Raspberry Pis to build a multi-monitor display wall. We’re using textures in OpenGL to blit each frame across the display. For his benefit, I pieced together a simple texture renderer, where the texture is procedurally generated by XORing the texel indices. XOR textures are interesting: The […]

HAAM short “game sketch”

Haampshire Castle (pending name) is sort of a dark, mysterious game where the player wakes up inside of a castle that is trying to keep him/her trapped inside. The castle is full of secrets and riddles, and the player has to explore the castle and solve the riddles in order to advance and try to […]

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