Sphero – Joe Simon and David Moss

Overview For our final project we would like to create a golfing app with sphero. To control the sphero, you would swing your phone like a golf club and sphero would move based on how fast you swung your phone. You would be able to aim the ball by specifying a direction on the phone. […]

Sphero Final Project :: Chris Sippel :: Cameron Bjorklund :: Tom Statz

1) Overview -We are going to design an app that will allow the user to put points on the screen and have Sphero follow the points in order they were placed. This will allow the user to draw specific shapes. WE are also going to have a screen of predefined shapes for the user to […]

Sphero Final Project – Travis Boettcher, Andy Hurd, Luke Mehring

Overview Our final project will allow users to control the Orbotix Sphero using pre-defined paths.  The application will also allow users to create their own paths which the Sphero will follow.  A final goal of the application would allow the user to string together paths and have the Sphero to follow the final composite path. […]

SpheroPaint :: Matthew + Landon

Our Sphero project will be a painting application for Android. It’s not exactly what you’d think….we’re not using the ball as a controller for the paintbrush, nor do you drag your finger around on the screen to paint and the Sphero just stupidly follows. No, we are leveraging Augmented Reality on our application. When you […]

Sphero :: Jake Berner, Corey Schulz, and Becky Sippert

Link to PDF – sumosphero

Squirrel :: Matthew Mitchell

Yep, it’s a squirrel alright. Or a fox. Your call, really.

Persist – Jake Berner (TackyNotes)

This was by far the most difficult assignment for me. Not the persist stuff, just trying to handle the GUI stuff to make the story around it work for me. My program is a “sticky notes” application, but so-as to not get sued by 3M, I’m calling it TackyNotes. It’s essentially a wall on which […]

Nogramming :: Andy Hurd

For my Nogramming assignment, I decided to do a comic about a little android program who is absolutely pumped about his field trip today.  Enjoy!   Also, before deciding on the artifact above, I drew this nokia brick commander leading his snake warriors into battle.

Tom Statz :: MobileWeb

For this assignment I used jQuery and PhoneGap to make an app that uses the GPS to find and display your current coordinates.  I wasn’t able to get the GPS to work on the emulator, it just times out, but it seems to be a problem a lot of others have too.  I haven’t been […]

Web API :: Matthew Mitchell

With the exception of the final Sphero project, I am finally DONE with coding for Android. It’s been sweet, and I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest thing I’ve taken away from the class is how mobile applications work differently than desktop applications. You’re much more at the mercy of the SDK. So, nothing against […]