L3DT Tutorial 2 and Terrain Toolkit Tutorial 1: Importing your heightmap into Unity

Importing your .raw file into Unity is not a very complicated process. First, create a terrain object in Unity: Click Terrain → import heightmap – RAW, and select your .raw file from L3DT. In this import window, you can set the size of your terrain, but more importantly you can set the import parameters. Chose […]

L3DT tutorial 1: Creating and exporting a heightmap for Unity

This tutorial will show you how to create a heightmap in L3DT (Large 3D Terrain generator) and export it to use in Unity. L3DT is a great tool for mapping, because it gives you a lot more control over the terrain and generation process than Unity’s built-in editor does. First of all, download and install […]

Mobile Web – Jake Berner (PhotoJournal)

This turned into one frustrating project! Mostly because of Cordova… My girlfriend suggested something along the lines of a photo journal (a way to take pictures and immediately say sometime about them). Seemed simple enough… The landing page either includes a welcome message, or it displays the most recent journal entry. There is also a […]

ThoughtBox (Mobile Web) – Andy Hurd

ThoughtBox is an app to log thoughts, perhaps otherwise known as a non-diary.  Okay, it’s more or less a diary/journal.  It allows for several users to use the app via a login that allows users to only navigate to their own entries.  At the login screen, the new users can be added and once logged […]

Mobile Web: Jack Ferris

The application I created is called EZQuestions.  The application is not that exciting.  There are questions with four possible answers (buttons in a control group) and the user is notified if the answer they selected is correct or incorrect.  This application has a dialog page, which welcomes the user to the app.  The application takes […]

Nogramming :: Tom Statz

For this assignment I drew a picture of the original Motorola Droid. . (picture courtesy of original droid hardware :) I’ll never claim to be much of an artist, but I did make everything  roughly to scale.

Anders Peterson – Nogramming

To better explain why I chose this idea for my Nogramming assignment I will have to go back to just before Thanksgiving when I was peeling potatoes with my dad.  We were sitting around the kitchen table and I was explaining to him that I needed to create something that involved android programming that wasn’t […]

Persist – Joe Simon

For this assignment I decided to create a Christmas shopping app which allows you to keep track of all the people you need to buy gifts for. This app allows you to insert, update, and delete people who needs gifts and the gifts that are associated with them.  One thing I learned while creating this […]


For this project I designed a new Droid character for the game League of Legends. In the game, each character generally fills a  certain role. The roles are Assassin/Semi-Carry, Pusher, Tank/Initiator, Hard Carry, and Support. Without going too far into it, the character I designed is a Support. Support characters are meant to help the […]

Nogramming :: Travis Boettcher

For my nogramming assignment, I decided to write a couple of tutorials explaining how to do a couple of things I’ve recently been using on my phone. The first will explain how to set up WiFi calling on an Android phone, and the second will briefly go over what I had to go through to […]