Accessing thing-[012] from home

Intro This short post will help you access the things and dplsubmit from home.  For now it will focus on the Windows environment, but I may expand it to include screenshots from Linux too (sorry Mac, u no can haz tutorial). Step 1: Install Cisco AnyConnect and connect to UWEC’s VPN NOTE: The following should […]

CS 455 Lecture 4 – 2-D Transformations

Before class Scaling, Translation, and Shear Watch (I misspeak at one point: only translation and rotation are rigid-body transforms.) Read about transforms for a different graphics API at, stopping before The Transformation Matrix. Rotation Watch Another brief perspective: For the inclined, read the sin and cosine summation section of In class First, here’s a fix […]

CS 330 Lecture 4 – State Machines and Regular Expressions

Agenda State machines: states, transitions, accepting states A machine to recognize parenthesized words A machine to recognize numbers A possible implementation Regular expressions as state machine encoding Not much Ruby Composing a string of email addresses Removing all HTML Instantiating states (geographic ones) TODO If we want more on regex, read pages 257-269 of Read […]

CS 455 Lecture 3 – Color, Uniforms, and Geometry

Before class Color and Uniforms Watch Read Read Geometry Watch Read section 2.1 of (Consider QUAD and POLYGON are deprecated.) Read In class Make sure your renderer from last time is working. Generate a flat ring (a circle with a smaller concentric circle punched out)without repeating any position attributes. Add a color attribute at each […]

See Books Listen

My office of research sent me this invitation last semester: ORSP is wondering if you would be interested in presenting at our Forum this spring.  This is an opportunity for faculty or staff to present on their ongoing research/scholarly/creative activity to a broad segment of the university community.  Presentations are 20 minutes to half an […]

CS 330 Lecture 3 – $h3||

Agenda quarter sheets tr echoing a line (in Java) system call (PHP and sed) tcsh vs. bash vs. zsh vs. intellectual development subshells in parentheses vs. curly braces question numbered parameters environment variables redirection and pipes lineN with grep new mail spamming you all what’s the frequency of kenneth? TODO Read Bring a quarter sheet […]

CS 330 Homework 4 – Regexercise

See the PDF. For the purposes of this assignment, you will need Ruby 1.9.*. On thing-[012], only Ruby 1.8.7 is available. Thankfully, Dr. Bui is allowing us the use of one of his machines. Instead of sshing into thing-[012], use Just like the thingies, you will need a VPN connection first. However, that’s not […]

CS 330 Homework 2 – Trois Voix

See the PDF. I used when trying to understand the WAV protocol. You may find others helpful—post links in the comments.

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