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CS 330 Lecture 8 – Flow Control and Functions

Agenda preserving registers before a function call looping through a number list a function to multiply as repeated addition local variables a progress “bar” TODO For your own sake, read chapter 4 of Programming from the Ground Up, stopping after the example. Read chapter 1 in your book, through section 1.5. Bring a quarter sheet […]

CS 330 Lecture 7 – Flow control

Agenda popping the ?stack stack restoration program this debugging with gdb quadrupling cmp and jmp a coin tosser a for loop TODO If you haven’t already done so, read pages 22-33 of Programming from the Ground Up, sections Finding a Maximum Value through the end of Chapter 3. Von Neumann Languages John Backus said: Von Neumann […]

CS 455 Lecture 6 – Matrix Implementation and Orthographic Transformations

Before Class Vector and Matrix Implementation Watch http://youtu.be/oanx1G_76JI. Bring these implementations to class on Thursday. Viewport and Orthogonal Projection Transformations Watch http://youtu.be/TlN4q3zt1tw. Bring the GetOrthographic method implementation to class on Thursday. In class Building on your work from Tuesday, incorporate your Matrix4 class to do the transformations. Add an orthographic projection to show the object space [-100, […]

CS 455 Lecture 5 – Vectors, Matrices, and Meshes

Before Class Meshes Watch http://youtu.be/EWtMydWVozQ. Watch an introduction to modeling: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/08/31/blender-intro-to-modeling. Vectors and Matrices Watch http://youtu.be/cMkKKDanIhw. Read http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/math-and-physics/vectors-and-matrices-a-primer-r1832, skipping the sections on determinants, inversion, and projection matrices for now. In class Create a renderer that lets you scale and or translate a tweaked OBJ model with a matrix. (I’ve placed a few models in the W455 directory.) Alter your […]

455 Programming for Mac Users

Hey there, If you’re on a Mac in CS 455, good for you. You’re spared much pain and hardship using VisualStudio. I kinda hate it. Thankfully, Xcode is your friend, and Apple is more than happy to have you come use it instead of Microsoft’s junk. You don’t need to be a paid developer for […]

Accessing thing-[012] from Mac OS X

Hey folks, I thought I’d follow up Dr. Johnson’s tutorial with my own, for Mac OS X users. I posted a brief (2 minute) video on YouTube of how to go about doing this. It’s super easy….and you won’t believe it’s not butter! Here’s the video!   [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h29bKyPpr8?rel=0]   Go get ’em

CS 330 Lecture 6 – Hardware Pushing

Agenda imperative programming assigning and mutating variables conditionals and loops von Neumann a few hardware functions assembly code disk to RAM to registers returning a result to the shell compiling debugging with gdb adding two numbers printf quadrupling cmp and jmp a coin tosser a for loop TODO Read pages 22-33 of Programming from the […]

CS 330 Lecture 5 – Advanced Regex

Agenda instatiating alternation anchors (^ $ \b) another kind: zero-width assertions executing code in the substitution TODO Read chapters 1-3 of Programming From the Ground Up, stopping before the Finding a Maximum Value section (page 21 in the letter-size edition.) Code states.txt instatiate.rb showext.rb State.java javadocify.rb foo.txt eval.rb Haiku