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iMessage “DoS” Attack

I would be surprised if I’m the only student in this program who thinks small hacking pranks and minor harmless attacks on unsuspected folks are both fun and educational. This weekend I learned AppleScript, which for the Mac OS X-impaired folks, that’s a really nice scripting editor that comes standard on all OS X machines. […]

Post Mortem Feature 3

This feature was rather easy.  Chris supplied all of the code from his specular lighting video.  The one mistake I did have was not normalizing the  light_direction vector.  That made the lighting look rather interesting, but not what I wanted.   ttp://youtu.be/IRlxQfpEw-o

Feature 3

This feature adds specular lighting to my shuttle and water. The code for this is pretty straight forward, with changes only needing to be made to the fragment shaders. The only difference between the shaders is where the normal comes from. The shuttle’s normals are calculated by ObjUtilites and passed in as a uniform, and […]

Feature 8

This feature adds textures to the terrain and other objects. I already had added a texture to my terrain for previous features, so instead of doing nothing I added two more meshes that use textures, A space shuttle (credit to Jafit from blendswap.org for the mesh and texture) and water. The shuttle uses UV mapping […]

CS 330 Lecture 22 – Tuples, List Comprehensions, and Thinking Looplessly

Agenda what ?s logo tuples list comprehensions initials head’ pattern matching case vs. function definition patterns sum’ product’ factorial’ reverse’ Code test.hs Haiku

HW F.4 – Hannah

Hola! I have completed feature 4 by adding a skybox to my scene. Copying the code from Chris’s video wasn’t difficult. HOWEVER, trying to cut up a skybox cube map that I stole from online (props to Roel z’n Boel by the way) most definitely was. No matter what I tried (varying selections, cropping, scaling, […]

Feature 4 Post Mortem

Surrounding my terrain with a skybox was a pretty simple process, although I was able to make it difficult by overlooking a couple of syntax issues.  I did most of the work before Chris posted his video, so I’ll have to cite the guys at stackoverflow and opengl.org.  The code was essentially the same as […]

CS 455 Lecture 16 – Rendering to Textures and Noise

Before Class Rendering to Textures Watch http://youtu.be/0G83PDLoEIE. Watch http://youtu.be/VecElbd8LoU. Read section Rendering to a Texture in chapter 4 (pp. 143-148). Noise Watch http://youtu.be/DRddzJ1gxZs. Watch http://youtu.be/Tx-M0uSwpXQ. Read http://lodev.org/cgtutor/randomnoise.html. In Class Please work on your homework features.

CS 330 Lecture 21 – Hello, Haskell

Agenda office hours: come find me anytime between 9 and 4 midterm discussion the problem with imperative languages: mutability functional languages Haskell implicit typing operators lists and ranges conditionals functions TODO Read http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Introduction. Quarter sheet. Code test.hs

CS 455 Lecture 15 – Skyboxes, Environment Mapping, and Normal Maps

Before Class Skyboxes and Environment Maps Watch http://youtu.be/AOc42rtfwuI. Watch http://youtu.be/HdmRc7seDsg. Read section Simulating Reflection with Cubemaps in chapter 4 of your book, pp. 123-129. Normal Maps Watch http://youtu.be/3BI6J-TiC2A. Watch http://youtu.be/x7zUc38Zik0. Sadly, normal mapping is usually more complicated than presented in the videos. Read section Using Normal Maps in chapter 4 of your book, pp. 116-122. In Class Please work […]

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