Feature 8 Post Mortem

Applying textures to my terrain was actually more frustrating for me than it should have been. I thought that I had all of my textures ready to go, as there were a few of them that came with the obj files that I downloaded. However, for whatever reason, these textures refused to match up with […]

Feature 8 Post Mortem

This feature was fairly simple to implement.  Using the code supplied by Chris Johnson, I simply had to read in the .ppm image for my texture and send it off to the shaders.  One thing I had to worry about, was making sure my texture mapped to the terrain correctly.  Because I felt it would […]

Feature 4 Post Mortem

This feature was not all that difficult to implement.  I ran into some trouble trying to load the skybox texture initially, because I was already using a texture for the terrain.  My renderer is not set up to handle multiple textures currently, and from what I could tell, would take quite a bit of modification […]

CS 330 Homework 5 – Fun Fun

See the PDF.


One of my colleagues has sparked our students’ interest in IRC. He and the students have been suggesting I swing by their channel, especially since I’m occasionally the topic of conversation. I applaud my colleague’s barrierlessness, but my dreams of things to do with my family and of things to code and of grant proposals […]

Automatic Alias Creation in Mutt/Vim

A friend has got me thinking about using Mutt again. I gave it up years ago after I was forced to use IMAP for one of my mail accounts, and I didn’t think Mutt was up to the task. I switched to Thunderbird, which lets me do certain things faster. However, I’ve really missed a […]

Feature 3 – Light Your Scene

This should be a pretty short post, because lighting is something that we have been doing for a while now.  To light my scene, I am currently using a combination of diffuse, ambient, and specular lighting, depending on which objecting I am applying the light to.  I still have pretty generic albedos for my objects, […]

Feature 5 Post Mortem

This feature wasn’t all that difficult to implement.  The hardest part was probably figuring out how to use vectors in c++.  I ended up writing another function in the ObjUtilities class that reads an obj and turns it into a 2D array of heights.  This is admittedly not the best way to do this, because […]

Feature 2 Post Mortem

For generating terrain, I decided to go with a heightmap approach, because I figured it would be more useful down the road.  I found a few great high resolution height maps and corresponding textures at http://www.crydev.net/project_db.php?action=project_profile&team_id=1873&project_id=1809 which I used for my terrain generation.  I leveraged the ruby script provided by Chris Johnson and converted it […]

Feature 3 Post Mortem

Shading the objects in my scene wasn’t difficult, but it took me a while to perfect. To start, I initialized the three different ShaderPrograms in my scene so I can set each individual shader to one of these three later. My three programs are for diffuse lighting, specular lighting, and my terrain. After doing this, I simply applied […]