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Feature 10 Post Mortem

For this feature, I decided to make some grass for my scenery out of billboards.  I ran a Google image search and came up with this nice little grass tuft, taken from unity3d.com. I thought it would be nice to make fields of grass, only I would need a way to place these guys into […]

CS 330 Lecture 30 – Overloading Builtin Operators

Agenda what ?s what does this do? a FasterString class operator<< friend operator[] operator+ operator* operator+= on parity TODO Read http://weblogs.java.net/blog/cayhorstmann/archive/2011/12/06/operator-overloading-considered-challenging?utm_source=feedly. No quarter sheet. Code refs.cpp Vector3.cpp FasterString.cpp Haiku

CS 455 Lecture 20 – Fog and More Billboards

Before Class Fog Watch http://youtu.be/lAQFNWy6YhA. Watch http://youtu.be/iYnUxJkv6bc. Read section Simulating Fog in chapter 3, pp. 100-104. More Billboards Watch http://youtu.be/TyLlEyV_WLo. Watch http://youtu.be/AeNTr1GPJMY. In Class Please work on your homework features.

CS 330 Lecture 29 – Virtuality in C++ and Overloading Builtin Operators

Agenda what ?s no class Friday program this http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq/refs-vs-ptrs.html cosmic superclass overriding with virtual implementing Polynomial::solve pure virtual the means of dynamic dispatch overloading builtin operators a FasterString class deconstructors Pulse Student evaluations are just numbers, but I like to hear anecdotes too. Please take a moment to think about how this course is run: […]

Feature 1 Post Mortem – Conor

This blog post is about feature 1, adding obj meshes into my scene.  I used the videos that Chris provided as my guide for this feature. Once I had the standard code to load a single object mesh into my scene, it was trivial to extend that code for multiple objects. I have a loop […]

Feature 4 Post Mortem – Conor

This blog post is about my implementation of feature 4, surrounding the scene with a skybox. I didn’t use any outside sources to help me with this feature other than the videos that Chris provided to us. Setting up the skybox was much easier that I anticipated that it would be. Both the fragment and […]

CS 455 Lecture 19 – Shadows and Billboards

Before Class Shadows Watch http://youtu.be/KoYuYdnwHFY. Read chapter 7, stopping before Anti-aliasing Shadow Edges with PCF, pp. 235-247. Impostors and Billboards Watch http://youtu.be/ADoHAg3lRIc. Watch http://youtu.be/aRbsBc7pI18. For another perspective, read http://www.flipcode.com/archives/Billboarding-Excerpt_From_iReal-Time_Renderingi_2E.shtml or http://nehe.gamedev.net/article/billboarding_how_to/18011/. In Class Please work on your homework features.

Feature 8

This feature was pretty straight forward for the most part.  However I did make quite a few tweaks to the code to make it better for my situation.  The first problem was that my whole map is a bunch of objects in one program.  I could have obviously put each part of the map in […]

F1 Carissa

Although this was a fairly simple feature to implement, I did run into a few weird problems. For instance, when I first had made the item in Blender and exported it, it was only showing the top view, not the front view. To fix this, I switched around the x, y and z coordinates in […]

Feature 6

The implementation of water by itself wasn’t all that hard.  However all the videos that lead up to the water video were assigned to my partner and I didn’t have time to view those yet.  So going through all of those videos to find what I needed was a bit time consuming, but glad I […]