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CS 330 Lecture 24 – Promises, Tail Recursion, and Currying

Agenda what ?s delaying evaluation tail recursion partially applying functions TODO Read http://learnyouahaskell.com/higher-order-functions again. No quarter sheet. Code macro.c promise.html sum.hs Haiku

CS 455 Lecture 17 – Water and Mirroring

Before Class Water Watch http://youtu.be/3IPB5xKvh1Q. Mirror Watch http://youtu.be/N5H17XTY9Nw. In Class Please work on your homework features.

CS 330 Lecture 23 – Guards, Tail Recursion, and Higher-order Functions

Agenda what ?s replicate program this guards tail recursion higher-order functions map filter lambda TODO Read http://learnyouahaskell.com/higher-order-functions. Quarter sheet. Program This Code today.hs Haiku