Learning Elsewhere: Tales from an Extra-curricular Game Development Competition

Following is a draft of a talk I am to give at ITiCSE 2013. The work discussed was done several years ago at Iowa State University, during my first full year of full-time teaching. I wish I had more quantitative results, but its absence is sort of consistent with the premise that we cannot do […]

Keystrokes File Format

A Keystrokes text movie is composed of a number of frames. Each frame is currently stored in a separate file, and all metadata describing the frame is stored in the file name. The only thing inside the file is the text of the frame (or a diff describing how to construct it from the previous […]

Keystrokes Patcher

For our Keystrokes project, we grab “frames” for our text movie as snapshots of the file being edited. We don’t really want to pass the complete file around for every snapshot, so instead we store diffs between frames that allow us to reconstruct any particular frame beyond the first. To produce frame 2, we apply […]