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To Canterbury

My summer included a trip to Canterbury, England. The University of Kent was hosting a computer science education conference, ITiCSE 2013. I was presenting and I also participated in my favorite part about ITiCSE: a working group. Arriving in Canterbury was painful for a variety of reasons: The rainfall during my departure was so intense […]

Generating Digital Audio for a Pitch

Sound is a wave of pressure that travels through the environment. My high school physics teacher Mr. Oppelt told me that pressure is force applied to a surface, and so when we say that music has a beat, we’re quite right. It “beats” on things. Like our ear drums. It beats on other things too, […]

First Run of Madeup

I’ve been working on building a mobile programming language and environment for generating 3-D objects. It’s called Madeup. The language uses Logo-like syntax, but it supports closures and 3-D navigation commands. The former is so that you don’t have to type as much. Functions just see variables in their enclosing scope; they don’t need as […]

CS 245 – Advanced Programming and Data Structures

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CS 491 – Mobile Software Development

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