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The Revolution Was Madeup

Madeup now supports surfaces of revolution. Trace out a radially-symmetric cross-section of an object, then spin it around the object’s central axis some number of degrees using the revolve command to form a solid. The variable nsides determines how many intermediate stops are made as the cross-section is spun. I offer a few examples of the revolve […]

CS 145 Lecture 19 – Looping II

Agenda what ?s predicate chain game program this loops driven by user input sharing birthdays for loops Predicate Chain Game Decide upon a yes-or-no that you can ask about someone–a predicate. If you were to ask yourself this question, you would say yes. For example: Are you related to Abraham Lincoln? Ask your right-neighbor this question. If […]

CS 396 Lecture 7 – JAMF

Agenda what ?s Doug Rhoten of JAMF TODO Share two observations or questions you took away from our discussion with JAMF. Research our next speaker: Target. Prepare two questions you might ask Emily Sjodin and company. Turn these in on one 1/4 sheet at the beginning of next class.

Where’s [USER]?

You are riding the car with little kids and you keep getting the question “Where are we?” You can hand the phone over to the kid and they can ask it where they are. This app allows you to ask where am I? The app will use GPS location information to produce a map that […]

The Cat’s Meow – Kristin and Maria

The Cat’s Meow is an app using voice commands and the accelerometer to show the user a cat-themed surprise when used!  Following the instructions on the front page, the user can say the voice command, or choose to shake the phone for the surprise to appear. Maria: – Mock ups – debugging – some background […]

Randomness in Madeup

About 30% into writing tests for a piece of code, my energy deflates. When I consider how many more tests I have to write to thoroughly test my code, I am overwhelmed. The worst part about testing is that you can’t just tax the moving parts of your software the way someone like you would. […]

CS 145 Lecture 18 – Hello, While

Agenda what ?s mercy fortnight repeating yourself flashcards acrostic Mercy Fortnight If you did not get credit for homeworks 1, 2, or 3, you have an opportunity to rectify this during the next two weeks. I will regrade a homework submission under the following conditions: You correctly solve one of the problems below from Project Euler. […]

Bill Splitter App

Living with others can be one of the greatest experiences of one’s college years, or one of the biggest headaches about attending a university away from home. One of the large problems that tends to arise, besides dishes, is how to split the bills. Because Sally is home all the time using most of the […]

Naming Things

Often in my introductory programming classes I will share a snippet of code that is unnamed or vaguely named. I ask the students to interpret the code and choose better names. This past week I gave them this snippet: public static double ?(double x, boolean b) { if (b) { return x; } else { return x […]