CS 145 Lecture 36 – Android

Agenda what ?s event-driven programming bubble wrap popper Android’s view system callbacks resource management touch events Code activity_main.xml MainActivity.java PopperView.java Haiku

CS 145 Lab 8 – Objects

First, if you have checkpoints left over from last lab, get them inspected during the first 15 minutes of this lab. No credit will be awarded past these 15 minutes. Don’t forget to work in pairs! Where possible, please work with someone that you did not work with last lab. The exchange of new ideas and […]

CS 396 Lecture 13 – Skyline Technologies

Agenda what ?s Aaron Wirth and Mark Lezotte of Marshfield Clinic TODO Share two observations or questions you took away from our discussion with Skyline Technologies. Research our next speaker: Intel. Prepare two questions you might ask Eric Fischer. Turn these in on one 1/4 sheet at the beginning of next class.

CS 436 Lecture 25 – Push Notifications

Push Notifications? Push notifications are messages sent to an application that is not actively requesting them. From an operating systems perspective, the application is not polling for information, but is instead awaiting an interrupt. In a sense, push notifications are like phone calls or text messages. However, phone calls and text messages are typically used to interrupt another […]

CS 145 Lecture 35 – A World of Objects

Agenda what ?s think about this managing complexity a spectrum of encapsulation a stopwatch interactive fiction TODO Read chapter 8 through 8.4. Offer three or more questions, observations, or “headlines” about the reading and ideas we are discussing on a 1/4 sheet to be turned in Monday. Think About This Code UhOh.java Finally.java StopWatch.java Alphabet.java […]

CS 145 Lecture 34 – Hello, Objects

Agenda what ?s EventQueue in homework 6 exceptions in practice marrying data and code the three parts of a class NDeckerBurger TODO Sync and pull to get some updates to the homework 6 SpecChecker and homework 7 specification. No lab on Monday. Code FileTest.java Eventism.java Circle.java CircleWorld.java NDeckerBurger.java BurgerTime.java Haiku

CS 436 Lecture 24 – O Marks The Spot

The app we’ll write today is inspired by the Reverse Geocache Puzzle. Intel software engineer Mikal Hart had a friend who was getting married. This friend had introduced him to Arduino, a cheap computer that can be programmed and integrated into small appliances. Mikal returned the favor by giving him an Arduino-powered wedding gift: a box […]

CS 145 Lecture 33 – Exceptions

Agenda what ?s think about this exceptions persisting loop until fixed pattern catching or preventing? TODO The last WOP will be emailed out today. Read Oracle’s Java Exceptions tutorial. Share two questions and two observations on a 1/4 sheet to be turned in next lecture. Think About This The president of B-Ware Technologies tells the VP […]

CS 436 Lecture 23 – Maps

Code activity_main.xml AndroidManifest.xml Utilities.java Placemark.java MainActivity.java

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