Exek Premortem

Exek This is an app that will enable you to keep track of a simple inventory.  The inventory contains categories along with items in each category.  The items have an associated quantity that can be edited.  The items are stored in a database using SQLite and persisted on the phone.  In the category view, an […]

CS 145 Lecture 28 – ArrayList and For-each Pattern

Agenda what ?s blackboxes for-each pattern program this the tail of an apache log growable arrays Blackbox Blackbox 9 Blackbox 10 Blackbox 11 Program This Your work for U-WE-C, a digital security firm. You are inspecting the log files on a system, but you only care about the last 10 entries in the file. How […]

CS 396 Lecture 10 – Ryan Hardt

Agenda what ?s Ryan Hardt of UWEC TODO Share two observations or questions you took away from our discussion with Ryan. Research our next speaker: Greg Faanes and Cray. Prepare two questions you might ask Greg. Turn these in on one 1/4 sheet at the beginning of next class.

The Cat’s Meow – Postmortem (Maria & Kristin)

One challenge we overcame creating this app was getting the camera to work, it ended up being trickier than we thought.  Another challenge was integrating the voice command.  A great insight gained was that there is a multitude of great resources on Google and using them to your advantage makes writing an Android app much […]

CS 436 Lecture 21 – OpenGL ES

Code activity_main.xml MainActivity.java CuberView.java BoxRenderer.java

CS 145 Lecture 27 – Array Miscellany

Agenda what ?s program this 1 arrays of arrays TODO We will not have class or office hours on Friday. Your instructor will be meeting with math educators from the local area as part of a research project he is involved in. Read chapter 7 through section 7.2. Share questions, observations, and sightings of arrays […]