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Learn to count. post-mortem

The most difficult part of this lab was sadly getting the android device to connect to eclipse.  This is the first app I have needed to use a real device since I needed to test the speech recognition which the emulator does not support.  I used my room mates kindle which came with a bunch […]

CS 145 Lecture 40 – Implementing ArrayList

Agenda what ?s rolling our own ArrayList evaluations Code StringList.java Haiku

Where’s [User]? (POST)

Haley & Trey Interesting Challenges: Figuring out how to have both a WordPress site and an additional generic PHP site on the same machine (ended up giving up and taking down the WordPress site during development) Registering the app so we could use Google Play services Parsing the JSON (originally was trying to misuse a […]

Postmortem – What have I found? (Trey and Haley)

One of the more interesting challenges we faced was when we were setting the permissions for speech recognition due to placing them inside the wrong tag. In order to have the voice recognition understand better, it is important to clearly say the word. No changes have been made since the premortem. Achievements we would like […]

Limiting Execution Time in a Shell, Part II

A year ago, I thought I worked around the halting problem. I have students’ code that I need to grade, but sometimes they slip in an infinite loop. This really messes up automated grading. I wrote a shell script that would run their code for X seconds, killing their process if necessary. Sadly, I went to […]

CS 145 Lecture 39 – Volume Slicer

Agenda what ?s sequencer volume slicer TODO Prepare a question for the last quiz during Monday’s lab. Worth a 1/4 sheet. Credit will only be awarded to those who share, so you may want to have several prepared, in case one gets asked by someone else. Last quarter sheet of the semester: compose a headline (as […]

Freelance App Premortem

Freelance/ Small Business Mobile and Online This app utilizes Cordova/Phonegap and creates a mobile app that can be integrated with a website.  This app enables a person to create and store login information on a remote database.  Because websites are becoming increasingly international, the website will need to be in three different languages (English, French, […]

Learn To Count-premortem “Ian Brown, Jake Vosters”

This app will be an introductory in how to count to ten in different languages.  We will have the user say one through ten and only move on when they say the word correctly in the given language set on the device. ex: if the devices language is set to Spanish the device will display […]

leveler-premortem “Jake Vosters,Ian Brown”

This app is used for people who don’t have room to keep a big clunky level around but need to level off pictures or shelves. Points: we worked on these tasks together, we didn’t really divvy it up 1) Employ integrated sensors into an app.

CS 145 Lecture 38 – Sequencer

Agenda what ?s instance vs. local vs. static compose this sequencer TODO An extra credit Weekly Outside Problem will be emailed to you later today. This last one is a little survey about your reaction to and interest in computer science, and I’d really appreciate your feedback even if you don’t need the extra credit. […]