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CS 396 Lecture

Agenda what ?s Eric Fischer of Intel TODO Share two observations or questions you took away from our discussion with Intel. Browse How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once They Join the Workplace. A summary video is available. What do you think? Turn these in on one 1/4 sheet at the beginning of next class.

IOU Postmortem

A few of interesting challenges I had to deal with were firstly, I made my database really slow by not having only one instance of the data manager. I had to refactor my code so it was faster. I also had some trouble testing some of my features mainly the send text message function because […]

Travel Pics postMortem

The most difficult problem with this app was probably using the async task to send in the gps latitude and longitude to a web server and receive a Json object of the location you are currently at.  Trying to do this with eclipse and the AVD was a little iffy as it was not always […]

CS 145 Lecture 37 – This, Local, Instance, Static

Agenda what ?s program this you might need this local vs. static vs. instance Program This Write a Set object. Sets are collections of values where repeats are ignored. Sets are useful for managing digital photos (where reimporting from a camera wastes resources and creates confusion), for building concordances (lists of words used in a […]