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FISHERR – A Blender is mightier than a Sword

FISHERJK – A Not So Great White Shark

pinterrm Model of a thing

I made a UFO…I think

CS 330 Lecture 3 – Make

Agenda what ?s what does this do? graph this capturing shell sequences with make TODO Try out Ruby at http://tryruby.org. Watch a mini-documentary about Grace Hopper, creator of Cobol, one of the first high-level languages. Respond to these on a 1/4 sheet with 3-4 observations or questions. What Does This Do? Graph Compose a graph showing the dependencies between […]

My blender model

I cant attach the blender file because that file type is not accepted.  I followed a youtube tutorial and to make this stupid little coffee cup it was harder that I thought it would be to add depth and lighting/shading. P.S. dont mind the funky handle, i coulnt not get it perfectly lined up.

CS 455 Lecture 2 – Triangles

Agenda what ?s a history of OpenGL an overview of the graphics pipeline some models TODO Before next class: Complete the lab exercise below and send in a screenshot of your main’s console output. Before next Thursday: Read some tutorials or watch some videos on 3-D modeling. (Neal Hirsig offers a complete course.) Build a model of your choosing […]

The Shallow End of Languages

Learning a foreign language for the first time? Start with Esperanto: The results of these studies … demonstrated that studying Esperanto before another foreign language expedites the acquisition of the other, natural, language. This appears to be because learning subsequent foreign languages is easier than learning one’s first foreign language, whereas the use of a grammatically simple […]

CS 330 Lecture 2 – Hello, Shell

Agenda what ?s some shell exercises tell me something you know about the shell the UNIX way TODO Set your homework repository. Read Shell Programming with Bash. 1/4 sheet: share 3-4 questions or observations about shells or Bitbucket. I offer you some optional challenge problems, which may be solved with one line of shell code: You […]

CS 455 Lecture 1 – Vector

Agenda what ?s introductions meta program this Who are you? On a 1/4 sheet of paper, please answer the following questions: What’s your name? What city do you call home? What software have you developed that is most memorable? What do you hope to be able to do with what we learn in this class? […]

CS 330 Lecture 1 – Introduction

Agenda what ?s introductions meta define this tell me something you know about the shell Who are you? On a 1/4 sheet of paper, briefly answer these questions: What’s your name? What city do you call home? Suppose work and school were canceled for a year and you were given the freedom to work full-time on some task of […]

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