CS 455 Lecture 22 – Applying Noise

Agenda what ?s last homework compute this generating noise wood and marble fog Compute This Suppose you’ve got three numbers. You want to weight and sum them. The 0th should be weighted half as much as the 1st. The 1st should be weighted half as much as the 2nd. What are the weights? Suppose you’ve got […]

CS 330 Lecture 34 – Scala on the JVM, Higher-order Functions, and Parallelism

Agenda what ?s the Uniform Access Principle parallel processing Intentions I understand the Uniform Access Principle and its motivation. I can discover how Scala maps to the JVM. I can use Scala’s parallel collection routines to accelerate computation. Uniform Access Principle Bertrand Meyer said: All services offered by a module should be available through a uniform […]

CS 330 Lecture 33 – OOP and HOF via Scala

Agenda what ?s classes in Scala a sepia generator marching squares Intentions I can create classes and objects in Scala. I can reuse Java classes in Scala. I can write for-comprehensions, which are imperative-styled maps. TODO I recommend you walk through tutorials I and II on Simply Scala. No 1/4 sheet. Code Image.scala Main.scala Haiku


    Theme: Since I was going to get knee-deep in blender, I wanted to create objects that were simple enough and unique enough to keep me interested in fine-tuning the littlest details. I decided on a making references to my favorite PlayStation One game: Crash Bandicoot (known for its many crates), and one of […]


1. Rubiks Cube 2. Captain America Shield 3. Pyramids (with perspective) 4. Sapphire (textured and non-textured) 5. Desert Floor 6. Sun (non-textured, and textured) For the sceen homework, my thought process was as follows: Designing C++ Classes:  Since there was only one SceenRenderer, the class design was straightforward. There was a lot of reusable code to […]

spiegedj – HW3

Thought Processes: Once I decided what scene I was going to make I searched the internet for some suitable models. I found some good ones and also made a couple of my own. After figuring out the texture mapping, I spend some some time positioning my objects just right. Most of this assignment was similar to […]

CS 330 Lecture 32 – Filter and Memoization

Agenda what ?s program this type synonyms memoization Intentions I can use the filter pattern with custom predicates to extract a subset of data. I can employ memoization to cache and quickly recall the results of function calls. Program This Write a function maxAll that accepts a list of numbers and yields the maximum. Problems Write […]

CS 455 Lecture 20 – Environment Mapping

Agenda what ?s reflecting a vector environment mapping TODO As a lab exercise: Sync with the class repo to get the environment starter project. Run the project to find a scene with three models hovering over a terrain and nestled in a skybox. Use the cursor keys to rotate the models. We want to these […]

CS 330 Lecture 31 – Maps, Filters, and Folds

Agenda what ?s a gallery of maps, filters, and folds pairs lambdas composition TODO On a 1/4 sheet, write these functions using map, filter, or fold:  lengths, which accepts a list of strings and yields a list of all their lengths. For example, lengths [“a”, “bcd”, “efghi”] yields [1, 3, 5].  tweens, which accepts a low, a […]

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