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Cabin Scene brownif

This project was a little less tricky than the magnets one since we have already done labs that cover many of the things we needed to accomplish in this project and I am starting to understand OpenGL more. I started out by using the specular lab as a jumping off point and then created a […]

CS 455 Lecture 19 – Skyboxes

Agenda what ?s skyboxes up next: environment mapping TODO As a lab exercise: Sync with the class repo to get some tweaks to the Texture and ObjUtilities classes, a skybox starter project, a box model, and some skybox textures. Build and run skybox to make sure it works. You should see a heightmap with a […]

CS 330 Lecture 30 – Pattern Matching, Partial Function Evaluation, and Map

Agenda what ?s more on pattern matching  capitalize  proportionalize  at, a subscript operation partial function evaluation  kthSmallest  winner  runnerUp the map pattern Intentions I can organize my solution to a problem by matching my data against patterns in case statements or function parameters. I can generate functions from other functions by partially applying a subset of their parameters. I […]

CS 330 Lecture 29 – Functional

Agenda what ?s what makes a language functional Haskell expressions functions lists pattern matching partial function application TODO Start the Funfun homework. Due before May 1. Pull down to get revised Funfun spec and fix in Timbre grader. See Piazza @16. No class on Friday. 1/4 sheet: Read first four chapters of Learn You a Haskell […]

CS 330 Funfun Homework – due before May 1

See the PDF.

CS 455 Homework 3 – Sceen

See the PDF.

CS 455 Lecture 18 – Interpolation

Agenda what ?s interpolation nearest neighbor linear TODO As a lab exercise: Pull from the class code repository. Add an Interpolate method to your Heightmap class. It’s like the operator() method, except it takes in float indices that lie somewhere within the heightmap grid—not necessarily at locations on the integer lattice. Use bilinear interpolation to find the […]

CS 330 Lecture 28 – Parametric Polymorphism

Agenda what ?s program this the cost of subtype polymorphism a Set class in C++ a Set class in Java C++ templates vs. Java generics Learning Intentions I understand that some methods of making code reusable lead to costs in performance and error detection. I can use templates to achieve parametric polymorphism in C++. I […]

CS 330 Lecture 27 – Polymorphism

Agenda what ?s defining polymorphism theorize this what does this do? TODO 1/4 sheet: Read http://www.insomniacgames.com/tech/articles/0308/three_big_lies.php. (This page rendered improperly for me; I had to highlight the text to read it.) Read http://hacksoflife.blogspot.com/2008/04/what-is-oop-good-for.html. What do you think? Intentions I can define polymorphism and identify the benefits it confers upon developers like me. I can comprehend how dynamic dispatch […]

CS 455 Lecture 17 – Heightmaps

Agenda what ?s heightmap exercise TODO Heightmaps are grayscale images used to generate terrain. For example, to get a landscape with rolling hills, we can use a noisy but smooth image: To produce a plateau (white) with a sudden chasm (black), we can use this image of starker contrast: The are two significant advantages of […]

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