CS 330 Lecture 40 – Exit

Agenda what ?s review time Haiku

elwoodld madeup

  My thought process was to make things that no one else had made to the best of my knowledge, that way i can be interesting. I used the tube function a lot as it allowed for nice circular or square for giving things a definite shape. Overall it wasn’t too bad doing these, it […]

CS 455 Lecture 26 – Shadows

Agenda what ?s shadow mapping TODO As a lab exercise: Sync with the class repo to get the shadows starter project. Render the scene to find three rotating spheres. We first need a texture to hold a picture of the scene from the light’s point of view. Instead of storing color, however, we only need […]


Here are my Madeup models: 1. Tornado Alley: 2. Parametric Shapes (based off these shapes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parametric_equation#/media/File:Param_03.jpg) Thought Process: After reviewing the syntax and the going through the examples on the blog, I experimented with slight variations on the existing examples to get a feel for how Madeup worked under the hood. I played around with the tools […]

Madeup rileyrj

Creating models was a lot more challenging for me then I originally thought. I figured I’d start with something simple and just try to make a simple spiral. After awhile I was able to get somewhat what I desired. In the future I would definitely take more of a plan first approach before I started […]


The first model I “Madeup” was a scene of blue butterflies. I used a parametric equation for the butterflies and populated the scene with many of them.   The second model I “Madeup” was a variation on the “heart” parametric equation. I designed the loop for generating the curve, and did some revolutions, translation, rotations, […]

spiegedj – HW4

So I like math things so I decided to start with a Möbius Strip. Luckily, there is a relatively simple parametrization that gives you exactly the coordinates you need for the moveto command! R = 10 w = 2 for s in -w .. w for t to 361 x = (R + s * cos […]

CS 455 Lecture 25 – Projective Texturing

Agenda what ?s projective texturing TODO As a lab exercise: Sync with the class repository to get the batsignal starter project. Run it and explore the scene. Notice the cone in the center of the cube. That’s our light source. It will project a bat signal onto the walls of the surrounding cube. Let’s first […]

Brownif Madeup

I made a pretty flower with some circles –flower repeat 10 repeat 20 move 5 yaw 20 end repeat 30 move 5 yaw -20 end end tube   This picture isnt the most exciting or cool, i just decided to try and use every ability you could use such as “yaw, pitch…” it is the […]

CS 330 Lecture 39 – Metaprogramming

Agenda what ?s JSON to Object memoize @Override writing a test runner Intentions I am familiar with the practice of metaprogramming, in which a program can inspect and act on itself—i.e., the program becomes another piece of data than can be inspected and manipulated. I am aware of several possible benefits of metaprogramming, including dynamic generation of […]