pinterrm – HW4

My original thought was to design some sort of leaf like structure that slowly rotated upwards. I dropped this idea a while after starting because I didn’t like the look of anything I was coming up with. I then settled on trying to design something that I might like to see 3d printed. Here is […]

Madeup – Mario question mark box

Nothing too crazy here, it’s one of the question mark boxes from the old Mario games. I originally wanted to make a maze, but figured it would be too hard without the ability to “pick up the pen” so to speak. It would be nice to be able to move the marker without drawing a […]

gutzmejr- Madeup models

This first model came from just messing around with the revolve function. That produced the very top part, and then I added the ledges just underneath. I figured it looked like a roof to a pagoda of sorts, so I added the legs and that was that!   Code: moveto 0, 0, 0 scale 0.3, […]

Madeup Model – kryzernj

So I didn’t come out with anything as impressive as a double helix or a church, but here’s a sort of interesting pattern. It was essentially a product of just messing around in made up. The only real problems I had with this was when I had a slight memory issue that was quickly fixed […]

CS 330 Midterm

See the PDF.

WEIRC – I Madeup A Church!!

At first, I thought about making a butterfly, then after searching on google for a minute, I quickly gave up. Then the colorful Windows 7 logo of the monitor background inspired me, I said to myself, I’m going to make a windows logo! Since the logo is essentially curved rectangles, I started making my own […]

SCHUHAJ – I Madeup Life

I looked at what had existed so far, and upon seeing Corey’s thought on making a double helix, I wanted to make one. First I needed to make a spiral, for i to 5 for t in 0,30..360 x = 10 * cos t y = 10 * sin t z = 0.1 * (360 […]

CS 330 Lecture 38 – Promises

Agenda what ?s the event loop chaining asynchronous events callback hell parallelizing asynchronous events promises in JavaScript TODO Some folks have asked for a few more opportunities for participation points. I will grant 3 extra credit participation points to any student who gives a semi-lightning talk and demo (5-8 minutes) during lecture next Wednesday on some […]

Madeup Models

First I tried simply drawing a model by manually moving, attempting to recreate the Mirror’s Edge logo didn’t go well at all. Turns out I’m really bad at that.   So I decided to check out the rotate function next making a cake-like object   Next was creating a noodle-like object  with loops   I […]

Chain model

Followed this youtube tutorial and created a chain link model.