CS 491 – 2D Game Development

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CS 145 – Introduction to Object-oriented Programming

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Hollowed Box

In my recent status report for Madeup, I shared a picture of an H-shaped box that I designed in Madeup and printed. I actually had to print two, because when I showed my friend Heather, she wanted one too. Maybe you want one? But what if your name doesn’t start with H? Well, I offer […]

Madeup Status Report #5

The summer is drawing to a close. Madeup has come a long way since May! Some big features remain (like support for holes, a persistent server for generating models, and some support for splines), but the core path-walking mechanic is stable and enough hands have touched it and not founding glaring errors that I think […]

Hibbard 100

Hibbard 100 Waiting to be filled with minds Waiting to be filled

Madeup Status Report #4

Fixlog My goal for reporting my updates in two-week chunks was blown to smithereens by a week-long summer camp for middle schoolers that I put on last week. So, let me summarize what’s been going on these past few weeks topically instead of chronologically. Storage The part of releasing Madeup to the public that has scared me the […]