CS 145 Lecture 11 – Method Denouement

Agenda what ?s what does this do? method guess who memory tracing multiple classes what does this do? TODO Tomorrow in lab is our second quiz. Prepare a question (or two or three, in case yours gets nabbed by someone else) to share with your lab group before the quiz. New topics we’ve hit upon […]

Voxel Snake

My kids have a bendy toy that was begging me to recreate it using Madeup. The toy is kind of like a voxelated snake: I made a single block with this short program: This solidifies to a nice-looking block with alternating notches: After printing 12 of these, making a trip to a hobby store for elastic cord, and […]

CS 491 Lab 3 – Prospectus

In this lab, you will work with your team and accomplish two things: draft a prospectus of your game and create a shared repository. Complete these two steps by October 6 to earn the first of 6 Blugolds available for your final project. Prospectus Games worth playing are games that have been designed. Before jumping into […]

Puzzler: Simon

[emunity src=”//itch.io/embed/37485″ width=”552″ height=”167″]

CS145 Lecture 10 – Workings of Memory

Agenda what ?s program this generating lines from points visualizing memory TODO Sync on Bitbucket and pull in Eclipse to get a fixed SpecChecker. See Piazza post @68 for more details. Note Most education researchers will tell you that lectures are probably not the best way to learn. Just like the best way to stay […]

CS 491 Lecture 8 – Black Hole

Agenda what ?s discussion of Schell’s Games for Change talk black hole dropping expressions tags TODO Read Richard Bartle’s Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit MUDs. Write down 2-3 questions or observations on a 1/4 sheet. In lab on Monday, be prepared to do some thinking about your group project. Code c858b2e Haiku

CS 145 Lecture 9 – Methods that Take and Give

Agenda what ?s what does this do? methods that take methods that give visualizing method execution TODO Talent is skill developed while no one is looking. While no one is looking, complete some problems from the String-1 section of CodingBat. On Friday’s 1/4 sheet, write down the names of the problems you’ve solved and any […]

CS 491 Lecture 7 – Projectiles

Agenda what ?s projectiles fire rate TODO Speaking of projectiles, watch Jesse Schell’s keynote from Games For Change 2011, writing down 2-3 questions or observations on a 1/4 sheet for Friday. Code … Haiku