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CS 145 Lecture 4 – Types and the Math Class

Agenda what ?s program this expression evaluation the numeric primitives casting methods from the Math class TODO Read chapter 1, section 1.4, and chapter 2 through section 2.2. Create an account on Practice-It!, a Java quizzing website built by the authors of your textbook. Solve a few problems from chapters 1 or 2. Word on […]

CS 491 Lecture 4 – Finishing Mathch, Really

Agenda what ?s win logic switching between sprites adding sounds (sfxr) TODO Monday is our first lab. This weekend I’ll send out an email with teams. For Wednesday, read up on Transform, vector arithmetic, and Rigidbody. Check out both the manual and the scripting reference on Transform and Rigidbody. On a 1/4 sheet, answer these questions, making sure […]

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CS 145 Lecture 3 – Bitbucket and Variables

Agenda what ?s variables types the Math class TODO Set up your homework repository on Bitbucket by following the steps of the video below. Start homework 1. Note We continue our treatment of the computer as a glorified calculator, but we one-up those little number crunchers in a couple of ways. First, we give our […]

CS 491 Lecture 3 – Finishing Mathch

Agenda what ?s avatars mouse events singleton coroutines swapping sprites TODO Read through the Scripting Overview, up through the Coroutines section. For Friday, write down on a 1/4 sheet 2-3 questions, ideas, connections, or observations drawn from your reading. Code d223074 Haiku

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CS 145 Lab 1 – Data and Operations

Welcome to CS 145, a class where you learn to teach machines. You won’t just use them. You’re going to become a developer. The lab portion of this class is a time for us to throw some problems at you and for you to clarify your understanding, collaborate with others, get things wrong, and ask lots of […]