My Terrible Avatar

Oh boy, this was harder than I thought it would be. Here goes nothing: The aspect that it’s supposed to represent is my desire towards self improvement. Not that I’m saying bald is bad, it was just the easiest thing to draw on a stick figure without it looking too weird. (I tried adding more […]

CS 491 Homework – Unity and Version Control

In this class I ask you to host your games on Github or Bitbucket. Putting a Unity project into version control requires a few extra steps. Binary files and version control don’t go all that well together. Some version control tools compare versions of a file line by line. Binary files are essentially one really long line. Adding one to […]

CS 145 Lecture 1 – Hi

Agenda bios awards what is computer science? Made with Code with Miral Kotb grammar ignition computer as calculator meta labs TAs communication haiku TODO Read the syllabus. Install the Java Development Kit, Eclipse, and the EGit plugin. Complete a short background survey. Worth a 1/4 sheet. Watch What Most Schools Don’t Teach. Read chapter 1 […]

CS 491 Lecture 1 – Hi

Agenda origins who are you? Lucky about the class TODO hello, Unity TODO Read the syllabus. Install Unity. Watch at least the first two videos of Unity’s space shooter video tutorial: Introduction to Space Shooter and Setting up the Project. Before our next meeting on Friday, draw on paper an avatar that features some aspect […]

CS 145 Lecture 0 – Software Setup

In CS 145, we make extensive use of certain software to write and run our code. You’ll need to access this software in one of three ways: 1) by installing it on your personal machine, 2) by heading to university computer labs, or 3) by remotely logging in to virtual machines hosted by the university. […]