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Dragon Fire

  A dragon awakens… Sleeping villagers have awoken to their homes burning to the ground! As knights, it is your duty to help the villagers escape the fire in any way possible!

CS 145 Lecture 24 – Accumulation

Agenda what ?s accumulation pattern Note We continue our discussion of common patterns we see with loops. Today we visit the accumulation pattern, where a loop iterates through a collection and accumulates values in some variable of larger scope. Accumulations tend to look like this: initialize soFar for each item integrate item into soFar end use […]

CS 491 Lecture 16 – Walking and Jumping

Agenda what ?s walking animation state transitions via parameters jumping TODO Finish those arcade games! Code 68f0ece Haiku

Arcade: Arkanoid

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CS 145 Lecture 23 – Optimization and Accumulation

Agenda what ?s loop patterns: optimization accumulation TODO Read chapter 5 in your book. You’ve already read section 5.3. Write down 2-3 questions or observations on a 1/4 sheet for Friday. Note Today we continue our discussion of loop patterns. Last time we look at the pervasive loop and a half. Now we look at the […]

CS 491 Lecture 15 – Animations

Agenda what ?s coherent this animations via… sprite frames Unity animation editor TODO Watch Player and Enemy Animations, Player Animator, and maybe Animate Anything from the Unity tutorials. I usually play these at double speed. Write down 2-3 questions/observations on a 1/4 sheet for Friday. Coherent This You’re developing a game with a message. But it’s still a game, […]

CS 145 Lecture 22 – Loop-and-a-half

Agenda what ?s what does this do? looping patterns: loop and a half accumulation selection TODO Let’s not have lab tomorrow. This was anticipated! Quiz 4 is and has been scheduled for next week. For Wednesday, complete some loop questions on CodingBat, sections String-2 or String-3, or Practice-It!, section BJP3 Chapter 5. Note Loops add a […]

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