Platformer – Jump


You have trained your whole life, knowing you had a purpose, but unsure of what it may be.

CS 145 Lecture 36 – Blackboxes Cont’d

Agenda what ?s blackboxes cont’d implementing ArrayList TODO Start homework 7. Due before December 14—unless you are pursuing the mercy bounty, in which it’s due before December 7. Note Today we keep exploring objects from the outside in with a few more blackboxes: Blackbox 23 Blackbox 25 Blackbox 24 If we have time, we’ll also […]

CS 145 Lecture 35 – Android Demo

Agenda what ?s Android app structure declarative layout custom views handling touch events Note Today we create an Android application! We’ll incorporate many of the subjects we’ve been discussing, with loops, 2D arrays, and objects. We’ll also slog through what you’re likely to encounter in many modern software projects: an extensive standard library at your […]

quick coconut platformer

NA Mercy Bounty Drawings

I have always been interested in 2D fighting games. This drawing is based off the character Ryu from street fighter. Puzzle Game

CS 145 Lab 6 – Objects

First, if you have checkpoints left over from last lab, get them inspected during the first 15 minutes of this lab. No credit will be awarded past these 15 minutes. Don’t forget to work in pairs! Where possible, please work with someone that you did not work with last week. The exchange of new ideas and […]

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