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CS 145 Lecture 34 – Blackbox Objects

Agenda what ?s blackbox objects TODO No lab on Tuesday. Android demo on Wednesday. Note We’ve been through encapsulation before. At the beginning of the semester, we tucked code into reusable methods. We explored these methods through Blackboxes. We’re doing something similar with objects, but these Blackboxes have a persistent memory. Today, we’ll look at […]

Blackbox 26

Blackbox 25

Blackbox 24

Blackbox 23

Blackbox 22

Blackbox 21

CS 145 Lecture 33 – Stopwatch and Separation of Concerns

Agenda what ?s what is this? stopwatch TODO Read chapter 8 through section 8.4. Write down 2-3 questions or observations on a 1/4 sheet for Monday. Note We’ve hit upon our last major theme for the course: objects. Objects encapsulate an identity in our program, putting together that thing’s state and behaviors under one roof. […]

CS 491 Lecture 22 – Revolution Cont’d

Agenda what ?s adding a planet spawner picking up planets with a DistanceJoint2D detaching satellites Code 6acbe07 Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 21 – Revolution

Agenda what ?s Revolution TODO Watch 2D Scrolling Backgrounds. Jot down 2-3 questions, observations, or games that have memorable backgrounds on a 1/4 sheet for Friday. Note Today we launch a Revolution! The moon people across space are dizzy for all their orbiting. Your task is to destroy their host planets by picking them up in your spaceship, […]

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