teaching machines

Madeup Talk at UWBC

Introduction Hi, folks. I’m Chris and I teach people to teach machines. Let’s start with a little exercise. I need two volunteers. [Recruit.] Person A will be the computer. Person B will be the programmer. Person A, your job is to do exactly what Person B tells you to do. And I mean exactly. If […]

The Thief – WEIRC

http://xiaotang923.itch.io/the-thief?secret=G0iVgzsfXrnI589pmeOPQdHiDdQ If you play now, let me know if you find any bugs/problems, so I can fix it before our demo time! 11/18/2015

CS 145 Lecture 32 – Objects

Agenda what ?s hot dog design data and code circle objects  NDeckerBurgers TODO For an extra credit participation point: write on a 1/4 sheet of paper a class Raffle with a constructor and methods for adding and drawing names. Test it! Note We start our discussion today with a philosophical question. Spend a minute telling […]

CS 145 Lecture 31 – Decksercise

Agenda what ?s working with a deck of cards for-each loop Monte Carlo simulations TODO For a participation point, write a question or two to share before the quiz in tomorrow’s lab. New topics we’ve covered since the last quiz include arrays and ArrayLists. Note The theme for the day is cards. We’re going to […]

Platformer: Tower

CS 491 Lecture 20 – Chain Cont’d

Agenda what ?s TODO Game Jam or work time? Code … Haiku

CS 145 Homework 6 – due before November 30

See the PDF.

CS 145 Lecture 30 – Higher Dimensions

Agenda what ?s arraylistercise arrays to higher dimensions TODO Read sections 7.3 through 7.5 in the book. Share 2-3 questions or observations on a 1/4 sheet. Start homework 6. Due before November 30. The challenge for the second and final mercy fortnight will involve finishing homework 7 on objects before December 7. The regular due date will be […]

CS 491 Lecture 19 – Chain

Agenda what ?s a swinging chain mechanic modeling a link in Madeup HingeJoint2D Code … Haiku

Broken Scott Pilgrim

oops Gimp didn’t delete each layer   Sources: http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Simple_Animations/ http://blaiprat.github.io/jquery.animateSprite/img/scottpilgrim_multiple.png

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