Bezier Turtles

  For Christmas, my children received a Printrbot Play. We didn’t have time to get it set up on Christmas Day, as we were traveling to see family. On the road, however, my seven-year-old son and I modeled a turtle in Blender. We took a picture of this turtle eraser to guide our work: In Blender, […]

Commit Logs

It’s time for another installment of Commit Logs, in which I share a selection of log comments left by my students when they commit their work. I’m fascinated by this condensed slurry of feelings we hold throughout the development cycle.

LaTeX Calendar Generator

My wife is crafting together a calendar full of family photos, and she asked me to print off some simple 2016 calendar grids that she found online. I looked at the templates and vomited. They had URLs on them. Because I suffer from developerism, I asked my wife if she’d let me try and generate some calendar pages […]

Mesh Differencing

A feature that I’ve long wanted in Madeup is the ability to subtract away holes from a mesh. I try to implement most features myself, because I want to learn. However, constructive solid geometry is too much for me. I turned to libigl, CGAL, Eigen, and Boost for help, and now I can join solids in […]

Swirl Ball

A few months back, I saw a 2D illustration in Mathographics that was begging to be expanded into 3D. Here’s my “spin” on that expansion. First, I started with a simple circle. I anticipated doing a lot of plotting of polar coordinates, so I factored out a helper function. Next up was shaping the circle into a lobed, flowery […]

Arcade 0x796 and Platformer

‘space’ to fire, ‘f’ to flip The background used in the platformer was from opengameart, same with character animations, though I did edit them quite a bit…

Office Escape

A top down adventure! If you get stuck, here are some cheats! First, hit “m” and “t” simultaneously to enable cheats.  To enable/ disable invincibility, hit “i” after enabling the cheats. If you would like to jump to the next level, hit “p” after enabling the cheats. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the haiku […]


Here goes nothing…

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