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CS 491 Lecture 23 – Particle Systems

Agenda what ?s rain fire explosion TODO Watch Unity’s particle system live training. On a 1/4 sheet, identity an effect that can be achieved with a particle system and describe how you’d achieve it. Code … Haiku


I have a challenge with some students to make a Christmas ornament in Madeup. I was pretty certain I was going to make a cutesy revolved Christmas tree, but I needed more time to think about the math. I fell back on something we fall back on: All told, the snowflake is comprised of 2 […]


In an earlier chapter of my life, I had the opportunity to work with a computational chemist at a Department of Energy laboratory to help build MacMolPlt, an application for generating graphical models of molecules. I was given immense freedom to learn and create. It was that job that taught me the most about computer graphics, […]

Cliff Fight

Don’t mind the awful audio…

CS 145 Lecture 37 – Instance vs. Static vs. Local

Agenda what ?s instance vs. local vs. static  Vector2D a slideshow application Note Whenever you declare a variable, you have to decide a few things: what type will it be? what will I name it? who needs access to it? how long will it need to live? Different answers to the last two questions lead us to […]

DDR: Polaroid -Single-

Must use Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer to play!

Blocky’s Chest Conundrum


Time Runner – rogersta

For some reason mouse clicks register but not keyboard presses unless full screened first. Unity Web Player Version: