The First Person

Art. Symbolism. Meeting the requirements in a time crunch. Thought-provoking.  

Maze Runner!

Simple game. Run through the obstacles and collect coins! :D W, A, S, D keys to walk and hold shift to run! Spacebar to jump! Textures thanks to:

Banana Palooza

Collect as many bananas as you can!  Right click fires the cannon, q and e tilt the barrel, and z and c roll it forward and back.  I had to delete all of the trees in all three levels because otherwise it wouldn’t build.  Apparently it’s some glitch in unity (according to several sites).

Pattern Maze

Use the arrow keys or a, w, s, d to move the ball. You have two minutes to complete each maze once you start it. You will notice each pattern has a gray tile. When you come to the next intersection choose the color that corresponds to what the gray tile should have been. The back ground […]

Lunar Shooter

There’s an issue- in the Twitch player, the enemies release too soon.

Honors 104.502 Lecture 11 – Animation

Agenda what ?s keyframe animation goomba pacing moon orbiting Earth bouncing with 5 frame squash and stretch flower growing sprite sheet animation TODO Participate in Pixar in a Box on Khan Academy. Walk through at least the Animation section, but it’s all pretty interesting. On a 1/4 sheet, describe a theme that you might like […]

CS 330 Lecture 16 – Functions in Assembly and Buffer Overflows

Agenda what ?s local variables frame pointer functions buffer overflows TODO I’m in Memphis for a computer science education conference the rest of the week. No class on Wednesday or Friday. Please use your time to work on CSX! Note We close out our discussion of assembly today by looking at how functions in our […]

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