Identifiers Starting with Numbers

I was skimming through an introduction to a new programming language and ran across the familiar rule that identifiers in this language must start with a letter or underscore. Because I’ve been feeling a bit subversive lately, I wondered what would happen if this rule went away? What if identifiers could start with a number? […]

The Space Wars

Created with Kathy Spencer and Nick Albright


By Nick Harrison, Tyler Rusch, Adam Ray .

Lucas Zutter, Kevin Hankes and Christopher Sokup’s Chromamancer

DANGER!!! The wizard’s robe apparently can disappear on it’s own, and the robe is primary source of lag. Unfortunately, my attempted fix messed things up on my end, so the issue remains… At least you can avoid lag by not looking at all the wizards at once. Caution: may not work in Chrome. Best played […]

Rator Vaders: Week 1

I’ve had on my TODO list for several years now a simple game for learning operators commonly used in programming. Like %. I’ve wanted to use this in my introductory programming courses, but alas, my TODO list is more of a TODO stack. The oldest items get the least attention. So, I performed a simple […]

Vim Autotemplates

When I create a brand new file in Vim, I automatically insert template text into it. For Java, the template looks like this: public class CLASS { CURSOR } The C template looks like this: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(int argc, char **argv) { CURSOR return 0; } The HTML template looks like this: […]

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