Fitting by Rotating

Last spring I was talking about media queries with some students, and we joked around about just rotating any structures that were too wide to fit in the viewport. As silly as this idea is, I wondered how easy it would be to do with just CSS. First, here’s a div with some text that […]

Toward Blocks-Text Parity

I gave a talk on a paper that a student and I wrote at COMPSAC 2017 in Torino, Italy. Our work was a position paper responding to the folks who say that blocks programming languages are going to take over the world. These people do exist. The following is a rough manuscript of my talk. […]


Every school year I forward to The Summer of Really Learning 3D Modeling. Unfortunately, it keeps getting canceled—usually by equally good things. But I really can’t let September come around again and not have made any 3D models in a traditional modeling program. So, I watched an old video that I had saved and made […]

ITiCSE 2017 in Italy

At the end of each ITiCSE working group I’ve been involved in, I swear I will never do another. Writing a lengthy report with a bunch of other humans is incredibly exhausting, and the process usually causes me to lose faith in mankind. But inevitably, I sign up again the next year, because I can’t […]