CS 491: Workday 1

Dear students: Today is our first workday. You and your team will spend the time hashing out ideas, discussing one anothers’ strengths and interests, and coming up with a plan. In particular, these are some things to do during class today: Inform your instructor of your studio’s name and employees. He will make a private […]

CS 330: Lecture 2 – Regex Capturing and Find-All

Dear students, Last time we started looking a regular expressions. There’s something I didn’t share because I was afraid your minds would explode. It’s this: Regex is a language for recognizing a language. We use regex to create little recognition machines. We feed a string into such a machine, and it either belches approvingly or […]

CS 318: Lab 2 – Core Elements, Relationships, and Validation

Dear students, Today we meet the core elements of an HTML document. First, a little review of your reading: Question #1 Provide an example of a TLD. Question #2 What is the subdomain of the URL https://to.madeup.xyz? Question #3 What is the protocol of the URL https://to.madeup.xyz? Question #4 If computers on the internet are […]

CS 491: Project Milestones

This semester you and your team will be dropped into a box. Calories will be dropped in one side of the box, and a game will pop out the other. To help structure your progress, your box is actually expected to pop out four versions of your game in various stages of completion. These milestones […]

CS 491: Lecture 1 – Push Button

Welcome to CS 491! The Registrar doesn’t really give this elective class a name, but between you and me, I’m calling it Game Development and Physical Computing. The Game Development part means we’re going to be making games. The Physical Computing part means we’re going to be assembling hardware. That hardware will sense the world […]

CS 330: Lecture 1 – Asserting Patterns with Regex

Dear students, Welcome to CS 330: Programming Languages! What’s this class about? Well, imagine you are a biology student taking a class on mammals and every lecture, lab, and homework is on cows. You wouldn’t really be a biologist at the end of this class. You’d be a cowist. A cow gives you one picture […]

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