Introducing Deltaphone

A collaborator and I have been talking about turtle geometry lately. Meanwhile, I’ve been taking the piano lessons I was never forced to take as a child. One thing led to another, and now these two separate activities of my life have had a child. That child is named Deltaphone. Deltaphone is a blocks programming […]

Vector Giraffe

One of the ways I hope to make it through my children’s teenage years is to make games with them. I think we’ll be able to skip over drugs, alcohol, tattoos, skateboards, and pubescent love entirely if I play my cards right. To that end, I’ve made decent progress on getting my kids to learn […]

Resize and Pad Images

I was recently given the task of converting a massive corpus of images (10) to a fixed resolution with a fixed amount of padding. In the past, I’ve used ImageMagick to make quick work of problems like this, but I can never remember its commands. Maybe I should write down my solutions as an investment […]