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Block vs. Inline-block vs. Inline

If I were to rank the most important things about making a website, I’d write down the following: The content The display property Everything else The display property dictates how the content appears in relation to other content, and it silently cancels out other properties that don’t make sense for one its settings. I find […]

CS 268 – Web Systems

Course Information Syllabus Enrollment: 70 Lectures Homework Exams

CS 491 – Game Development and Physical Computing

Course Information Syllabus Enrollment: 20 Posts Project

Bathroom Angles

Our bathroom gave me a math problem, and I failed. Herein I document my failure and visualize the answer I should have provided. When we bought our home, the bathroom had carpet but no baseboard. This combination makes painting the walls difficult. As we are preparing to paint, I decided to install some baseboard. Measuring, […]