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CS 347: Webdev Blog

This semester you will document your learning of web development in a blog that you serve out via the Apache web server. Each week you will write a short entry responding to some articles you’ve read or videos you watched on some aspect of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or web development in general about which you […]

CS 347: Lecture 2 – Some More HTML

Dear students: Last time we met a few very common HTML elements. In this lecture we meet a few more. We also reiterate the nature of HTML as a language for communicating structure and not presentation. The semantic meaning of HTML is used in situations where no visual is produced. We also see how to […]

CS 347: Digital Ocean Setup

Your projects and blog will be hosted on a web server that really lives on the web. You will set up your server with Digital Ocean, a company that hosts virtual machines—which they call droplets. Normally, droplets cost money. Thanks to the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you can get a $50 credit for Digital Ocean. […]

CS 347: Lab 1 – HTML

Welcome to the first CS 347 lab. By now you have already watched the videos for lecture 1 on your own. You will complete these lab exercises together in small groups. Within your breakout room, designate one of your team to be the screen sharer. (Screen sharer, share your screen.) The screen sharer should also […]

CS 347: Lecture 1 – wwwroot

Dear students: Welcome to CS 347: Web Development. This is going to be a weird semester. I’m new to the university. We will be conducting the class remotely. There’s a lot of tension in the world. The good news is that—well, I don’t know what the good news is. But welcome nonetheless. I don’t think […]

Deriving the View Matrix

Computer graphics is less about knowing when to apply algorithms and more about knowing where. There are many possible wheres. Our 3D models are born in model space. To situate models in the virtual world, their model space coordinates are transformed into world space. Many lighting algorithms are applied in camera or eye space. From […]

CS 347 – Web Development

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Goodbye, Positional Parameters

I dearly miss the year that I spent talking about shapes and math with elementary and middle school students through the lens of Madeup and 3D printing. Would that those days return! While I wait for the global health crisis to subside, I might as well fix a few bugs in Madeup—by reimplementing it without […]