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Gonefishing – Brendon and Vadim (Postmortem)

December 19, 2014 by . Filed under cs436, fall 2014, postmortems.

Gonefishing is an app that targets the untapped audience of the outdoors person. Available for the Android app, this app will allow people to get the list of lakes around their location. The app will allow them to see the weather of where they are, because every avid fisherperson knows that weather means everything when getting that fish on your hook. Gonefishing will also let you know what lake has what fish. Don’t like Northerns? Don’t fish at Cooley Lake!

Screenshot_2014-12-19-03-36-06 Screenshot_2014-12-19-03-37-22 Screenshot_2014-12-19-03-37-47 Screenshot_2014-12-19-03-37-50 Screenshot_2014-12-19-03-37-53

The first two images show the camera ability. The next three images show our fish list retrieved for each lake. Selecting a fish brings up the display Big Fish view where you can use swipe to swipe through the images.


Speech recognition Toast

The homepage features JSON weather information, speech driven selections, persisting spinner selections. Spinners use remote and local databases for data.

Home Page

Challenges Dominated:

*Working with a remote database on Leela, and getting our database written in SQLite was a challenge. The implementations were easy, remembering how to make a good database was a trip down memory lane.

*Updating our list of lakes dependent on what City was selected was another challenge. At first we thought we had to create a new adapter to update the spinners, but we later found out that the adapters just had to be cleared and refilled.

*Getting apps to have a custom look is a bit harder than we first expected

Insights Gained:

*Learning about SQLite was very insightful, and will prove to be very useful in the future.

*There is a lot of differences that have been made in Android’s newer versions that have made coding easier for developers.

*Android has a very nice learning curve.

Changes from Premortem:

*Our design definitely changed a little bit from what we originally intended for our app.

*Due to practicality, some of our implementation changed. Its difficult to see the differences between the pre and postmortems, but we definitely changed some of our first ideas.

*We added speech driven actions

*We added a cool swiping feature for the device

Our Claim to victory(Achievements):Total (10)
1. Integrate a list view with a custom adapter/presentation into an app.
2. Use a local database to persist relational data.
3. Use a remote database to persist relational data.
4. Persist data using preferences.
5.Employ a web service in an app. The exchange format must be grammatically-defined: XML,
JSON, or similar. HTML scraping doesn’t count.
6.  Use threading to handle tasks off the UI thread.
9. GPS
15.  touch-driven interaction
17. Camera interaction
19. Voice commands